Biography of the Prophet (PBUH)

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The main events of the life of the Prophet (PBUH) that provide the children with solid faith and lessons to follow in their life.


The stories include:

  • His birth (PBUH)
  • His early childhood (PBUH)
  • During his boyhood (PBUH)
  • In his early youth (PBUH)
  • His marriage (PBUH)
  • The descending of the revelation (PBUH)
  • The spread of Islam
  • The firm faith
  • A complaint to Allah (SWT)
  • The migration
  • His expeditions (PBUH)
  • The good end

Number of stories: 12 stories

Number of pages in each story: 16 pages

Size of books: 34.5 * 24.5

English level: B1 – B2

Certified by ElAzhar.


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